Quantity Surveyor courses in Islamabad Pakistan?

quantity surveyor courses in Lahore Pakistan

Quantity surveyor courses in Islamabad pakistan are trained by Rahman Rashid.

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quantity surveyor courses in Islamabad Pakistan


quantity surveyor courses in lahore pakistan


What you will achieve from Quantity Surveyor Course in Lahore Pakistan?

  1. 70% increased in the chance of immediate Job as Quantity Surveyor
  2. enhancement of skills for existing Quantity surveyors

Option 1

Quantity Surveyor Courses Video Course Package 

  • Fee: 5000 PKR
  • Recorded Step by Step videos in English on self study basis
  • Link will be sent  via google drive
  • advanced Excel files are also included


Who Should Attend

DAE Civil, Civil Engineers, AutoCAD Operator, Who Ever Wants to Develop his career as Quantity Surveyor

A lot of Jobs are available in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, etc

Option 2

For live online classes by instructor

Fee is 30,000 PKR


Fee submittal detail : EasyPaisa No is 03335380170


Course contents for Option 1 quantity surveyor courses in Islamabad

Part 1 videos are Free essential course videos that include

  • Units of measurement in the construction sector
  • Types of Drawings and Views
  • What is BIM
  • Difference between AutoCAD and Revit
  • Types of Drawings
  • Components of buildings and methodology of their construction
  • Basic Terms used during building construction

Part 2 Videos list is provided below

  1. Tender Drawings and Bidding Documents
  • What are FIDIC and PEC?
  • Tendering Documents
  • Who does what in bidding documents in a construction company
  • Types of contracts
  1. Difference between drawings
  • Tender Drawings
  • IFC drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Variation drawings
  • As-Built drawings
  1. Rate Analysis, Budget, and Estimates
  • Prerequisites for Rate analysis
  • Resources for which rates are required
  • Types of Estimates
  • What is the budget for the project?
  • Concept of Basic cost and Unit rate
  1. BOQ and actual quantities
  • How BOQ Quantities are estimated
  • How exact quantities are calculated
  • Why it is essential to calculate the variation in BOQ and true quantities for supporting project management in primavera
  1. Breakdown of BOQ and material calculations
  • Items involved in BOQ of road and building projects
  • Material calculations for
    • Excavation
    • Brickwork
    • Plaster
    • Concrete
    • Flooring

6. Steel Bar bending schedule

    • Fast track quantity take off for steel

7. Construction IPCs and their supporting documents

Career Counselings in Live classes

How you can be selected as a  Quantity Surveyor

Free Services

1   Preparation of Resumes after successful completion of Diploma
2  Contact Addresses of construction Companies and Addresses both in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf
3  Preparation of Interviews

Quantity Surveyor – Preparing Bills of Quantities

The bill of quantities which is prepared by the quantity surveyor is designed primarily as a tendering document. Technical Data used in the field explained in quantity surveyor courses in Islamabad Pakistan. Each contractor tendering for the project is able to price the work on exactly the same information with a minimum of effort. This, therefore, avoids duplication in quantifying the work and allows for the fairest type of competition. The bill of quantities also provides a valuable aid to the pricing of variations and computation of valuations for interim certificates.

The bill of quantities provides a good basis for cost planning and, if prepared in an annotated form, will help in the locational identification of the work. Some more details about this field of quantity surveyor courses in Islamabad Pakistan are as under.

It is important that all drawings, schedules and specification particulars should be checked and steps are taken to ensure that all cross-references are correct.

Best Trainer for QS Course 

Rahman Rashid is the best institute for  Pakistani Students who wants to join the field after quantity surveyor courses in Islamabad Pakistan.

What are the job responsibilities of a quantity surveyor? 

Quantity surveyors oversee the cost of construction projects. They are responsible for ensuring it is finished within the budget. Other job titles for a quantity surveyor are “cost consultant,” “commercial manager’, ‘cost manager, and cost engineer.

Quantity surveyors’ work depends on whether they’re working on the design or construction phase (and consequently, whether a consulting firm employs them focused on the design stage or the contractor responsible for building projects). The degree of the project and the company they work for may:

  • Estimate the price of various materials required to complete the project.
  • Create tender documents, contract budgets, bills of quantities, and other documents.
  • Monitor changes in the design or construction activities and makes adjustments to budget projections in line with these changes.
  • Contract or procure to contract the services of contractors and subcontractors to be involved in the project’s construction.
  • Assess and evaluate the work that is done on the site
  • subcontractors to pay
  • Liaise with the client as well as other professionals in construction communicate with other construction professionals, including project managers, site managers, and site engineers
  • Choose and source construction materials.
  • Write reports.

Quantity surveyors working for consultancies are typically office-based and typically work during office hours. Those employed by contractors are usually based in temporary offices located on construction sites and frequently work on site. They are more likely to have longer working hours and could be required to be on shifts. 

Typical employers of quantity surveyors

The most important employers for surveyors in quantity are:

  • expert cost management/quantity surveying consultancy that works in the construction industry
  • companies in the field of construction and engineering (consultants or contractors).

Quantity surveyors might have a few jobs that are a good fit for these employers:

  • Developers and property companies, as well as property owners.
  • architectural practices
  • utilities and infrastructure companies, for example, Network Rail and Scottish Water
  • Public sector organizations.

Other courses are Primavera Course