Are you looking for top and experienced trainer for quantity surveyor courses in Lahore Pakistan?

quantity surveyor courses in Lahore Pakistan

Rahman Rashid who is a professional Civil Engineer is the best trainer for quantity surveyor courses in Lahore Pakistan.

You have come to the right place during your search. Why? Due to the following reasons

  1. 16 plus years in the field
  2. Professional Civil Engineer from UET Lahore lifetime registered with PEC No Civil/25174
  3. Has managed a lot of projects and successfully completed them
  4. Worked in all fields of site construction before becoming a project manager.
  5. Has hired many quantity surveyors for different construction companies
  6. Knows exactly what is required in the field for QS Job.


quantity surveyor courses in lahore pakistan

What you will achieve from Quantity Surveyor Course in Lahore Pakistan?

  1. 70% increased in the chance of immediate Job as Quantity Surveyor
  2. enhancement of skills for existing Quantity surveyors

3 in 1 package course

First to get a good salary job as a Quantity surveyor in the construction industry or increasing salary while working as a quantity surveyor, one must have computer skills also in addition to theoretical knowledge of quantity surveyor course in Lahore.

You know that all drawings are now on Autocad and the qs work is practically done on Microsoft Excel. Therefore, this course is designed in such a way that you get the maximum required skills after completion of course.

  1. 1st Month (Microsft Excel Advanced)
  2. 2nd Month  (Autocad 2d for QS)
  3. Month three (Quantity Surveyor)

Who Should Attend

DAE Civil, Civil Engineers, AutoCAD Operator, Who Ever Wants to Develop his career as Quantity Surveyor

A lot of Jobs are available in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, etc

List of 3 in 1 Course and Contents

Month One Advanced Excel Course
  1. Basics of Advanced Excel
  2. How to make tables required in QS Course in a fast way
  3. Short Keys of Excel
  4. How to get accurate data from BOQ in a quick way
  5. How to interlink files
  6. Advanced formulas for SUM, Average, Count
  7. Conditional formatting in Excel for QS Course
  8. Make BOQ, IPCs, Variation order formats in excel in a fast way & much More
Month Two Autocad Course
  1. Installation of Autocad 2013
  2. Setting up Drawings Units
  3. 2d and 3d Coordinate System,
  4. Measurement Units
  5. Types of Drawings in Construction
  6. Use of Line and Space
  7. Major commands used by QS
  8. Deriving details from Autocad Drawing
  9. Reading and editing structural and finishing details in Autocad and many more
Month Three Quantity Surveyor Course

Chapter -1

1   Business Structure of Construction Industry
2   Basics of Quantity Surveying
3   Basic Units of Measurements

Chapter -2

4   Types of Construction drawings and how to study the drawings to extract exact, precise and required data
5   Basic Building Layout
6   Basic Items of Building and sequence of construction activities of Project

Chapter -3

7   Organizational Charts of Construction Organization to understand the position and

coordination and reporting of Quantity Surveyor

Chapter -4

8   What is a BOQ and why BOQ is the heart of Quantity Surveying
9   Tendering & Bidding Procedure
10  Different types of BOQs (Bill of Quantities)
11  Divisions of BOQ

Chapter -5

12  Similarities and Difference of Job natures of Contract Engineer and Quantity Surveyor
13  Duties of Quantity Surveyor on Site and in Head Office

Chapter -6

14  How rates are filled for a BOQ
15  Rate analysis(In detail)
16  Components of Rate analysis and the effect of market rates and inflation
17  Unit Rate calculations

Chapter -7

18  Interim payment Certificates (IPCs)- In detail
19  Variation Orders (VO) / Change Orders
20  Quantity Surveying of Civil, Mechanical, E & I, Plumbing and HVAC Works

Career Counseling 

21  How you can be selected as a  Quantity Surveyor

Free Services

1   Preparation of Resumes after successful completion of Diploma
2  Contact Addresses of construction Companies and Addresses both in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf
3  Preparation of Interviews

Quantity Surveyor – Preparing Bills of Quantities

The bill of quantities which is prepared by the quantity surveyor is designed primarily as a tendering document. Technical Data used in the field explained in quantity surveyor courses in Lahore Pakistan. Each contractor tendering for the project is able to price the work on exactly the same information with a minimum of effort. This, therefore, avoids duplication in quantifying the work and allows for the fairest type of competition. The bill of quantities also provides a valuable aid to the pricing of variations and computation of valuations for interim certificates.

The bill of quantities provides a good basis for cost planning and, if prepared in an annotated form, will help in the locational identification of the work. Some more details about this field of quantity surveyor courses in Lahore Pakistan are as under.

It is important that all drawings, schedules and specification particulars should be checked and steps are taken to ensure that all cross-references are correct.

Best Training centre for QS Course is

TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute for  Pakistani Students who wants to join the field after quantity surveyor courses in Lahore Pakistan.

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