Freelancing courses in Islamabad

Live online Freelancing Courses in Islamabad

Freelancing courses in Islamabad are conducted by an experienced Civil Engineer who is also a freelancer. Top quality tips and tricks and most beneficial skills on freelancing platform are offered by Rahman Rashid

The most popular freelancing platforms for Pakistanis are UPWORK, GURU and Fiverr.

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Freelancing courses in Islamabad

Freelancing courses in Islamabad Contents

  1. Register yourself on Upwork, Guru, Fiverr, and Freelancer
  2. How to select a skill to sell on these platforms
  3. List of skills best sellable for freelancing long-term career
  4. Selection of categories
  5. Badges offered by different Platforms during growth to top-rated freelancer
  6. How to write BIDS 
  7. How you can learn from the platform itself
  8. Which skills require prior tests for getting success
  9. Why do Pakistanis prefer easy and low paid jobs
  10. The mindset of the western seller
  11.  Different time zones for job success
  12. How to write a bid or proposal 
  13. How to make your profile 100% as per platform requirements
  14. How much time will it take to get the skill, and which one?
  15. Famous easy jobs on Freelancing platforms that need no skills

& many more things

Pick up an option of skills you select for doing freelancing.

Revit is also a skill for earning through freelancing. TSK is best freelancing institute in Islamabad.

Importance of freelancing courses in Islamabad 

Post-plagued world events have influenced many to believe that freelance work is the new norm for work, and they’re right. With millions switching from the office desk to the laptop at bedtime, 

A new wave of workers who work remotely is waiting to be released.

Freelance websites such as Fiverr or UpWork have seen a rise in registrations and traffic. Presently, Fiverr has over 7 million registered users. Upwork is the most popular freelance work platform, boasting over 17 million registered users.

The outbreak saw several people being forced to work and losing their full-time jobs or working fewer hours. With no risk, most of them opted to work for themselves to earn a living.

It appears that this work trend is going to be around for a while and many people are learning freelancing courses in Islamabad. 

According to a study, 60 percent of freelancers are making more than in their previous jobs, and hence growing numbers of freelancers are opting to be independent.

Here are some figures to show the growing popularity of freelance work overtime. The following are some statistics to highlight the growth of freelance work.

  • Freelancers account for five percent of American GDP or about 1.4 trillion dollars to the US economy.
  • A study by Upwork shows that in 2027, most US workers will be working as freelancers.
  • Here’s an interesting statistic you might not know about. Google’s workforce comprises 54% freelancers and only 46% of its permanent employees.

There are many kinds of remote work that you can take on. In the end, are you still pondering the benefits of freelance work? Check out our list below. Once you’ve mastered all the pros and cons, you’ll be able to make an informed choice.

Rahman Rashid has opened Freelancing Academy in Islamabad