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Who is the best trainer for advanced excel training courses in Lahore Pakistan?

Rahman Trainer is the top trainer for advanced excel training courses in Lahore Pakistan

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Courses Name and Contents

Advanced Excel

Who Should Attend

Finance Managers, Admins, Accountants, Students, ICom Bcom Mcom, People who want to enhance their Skills


1 Understanding Single and Multiple Conditional Summing and Counting
2 Formulas
3 Horizontal and vertical sorting
4 Excel Subtotal formula- Nesting subtotaling and groping
5 Data consolidation by range & by category
6 Working with tables and understanding tables nomenclature
7 Data Extracting using filter technique
8 Complex calculation using database formulas
9 Data integrity using data validation
10 High light data using conditional logic
11 Understanding new conditional formatting features
12 Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts (Highly advance DataBase Technique)
13 Excel Charts


 Trainer Profile   03335380170

Name: Rahman Rashidadvanced excel training courses in lahore pakistan

Education: BSC Civil Engineer

Institution: UET Lahore (2000-2004)

Experience: 13 Years (8 Years Pakistan & 5 Years Saudi Arabia)

Main Industry: Dams & High Rise Buildings

Skills: Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Project

planning, AutoCAD, Revit, Sketch UP,  Advance Excel, MS Office Expert Level, Reportings


Different Jobs which requires the use of the advanced level of excel

  1. Project Management
  2. Accounts and Finance
  3. Admin and HR
  4. Quantity Surveying
  5. Data Management in companies like PTCL, FBR etc

Benefits of Professional advanced excel training courses in Lahore Pakistan

1. First of all, due to professional training, no work hours are lost by an employee for training his colleagues and subordinates. As a result, productivity and efficiency are not affected. In addition, the trainer is not keen on rushing things up in order to finish the task given to him. Usually, a trainer tries to rush through things in in-house training. As a result, students are not trained properly. This does not happen with a professional training course. Professional trainers take their time and make sure that everyone completely understands every different aspect of advanced excel training courses in Lahore Pakistan.

2. A professional trainer not only focuses on MS Excel spreadsheets but also teaches the basics. There are many different formulas and equations associated with MS Excel which come in handy during various calculations. Creating and working with spreadsheets is not just enough if you are planning to extensively use MS Excel in your organization. Most of the professional trainers have a vast knowledge about every aspect of MS Excel. They do not focus on a single area and have an integrated approach to the whole teaching process.

As a result, your employees are trained better and turn out to be assets for your organization.

3. advanced excel training courses in Lahore Pakistan ensures that you have capable employees who can deliver results in less time. MS Excel has many different features which help in the better functioning of your organization. It can be extensively used in various different departments of your organization. Most of the companies think that this training is only beneficial for large companies.

However, small companies need to grow and expand. Therefore, Excel training is a must for small organizations in today’s competitive times. Moreover, there are many companies who provide professional training at economical rates.

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