Primavera p6 revit freelancing training courses in Islamabad Pakistan

Are you in search of Primavera P6 Revit Freelancing training courses in Islamabad Pakistan?

Rahman Rashid is the top trainer for online Primavera P6 Revit freelancing training Courses in Islamabad Pakistan due to the following reasons

  1. 17 Plus years Experience
  2. Professional Civil Engineer from UET Lahore (2000-2004)
  3. Associate 2 years diploma of interior design and architecture 2017 to 2019
  4. Training Experience of more than 11 Years
  5. The majority of his students are currently working in the job market.

Learn from an experienced professional so that you can get a better job in the market


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  1. Primavera p6
  2. Revit Courses
  3. freelancing Courses

Other courses

  1. Quantity Surveyor
  2. QA QC Engineer Civil

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