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PMP Certification

Who Should Attend

BSC and DAE Engineers (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics Etc) Management


1 What is a Project The discussion will develop the subject into the need for project management. What is PMO and how it can help the organizations? What exactly is the role of a project manager? These are some of the questions that the topic addresses.
2 Life Cycle The module discusses the project phases and project governance across the Project Life Cycle.
3 Standard / Organizational Influence A project is influenced by several factors in an organization. The structure, policies, and the reporting relationships can impose various restrictions on the project work. The module discusses how an organization evolves over a period of time by improving the Organizational Process Assets.
4 Project Management Processes. The module discusses the categorization of these processes under the classic 5 process groups
5 Integration Management  Project Integration Management includes the processes and actions required to identify, define, combine, and coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the Project Management Process Groups.
6 Scope Management Project Scope Management includes identifying all the work that is necessary for the project completion. The module includes Collection of Requirements, and encompasses scope control.
7 Time Management  This section discusses the methodology for the timely completion of projects. Adherence to project schedule is of utmost significance to the project success.
8 Cost Management  It is one of the most important disciplines of Project Management and the core of the project success. The methods for cost estimation, and preparation of project budget are discussed. Earned Value Management is an essential component of evaluation and monitoring of project costs and schedule.
9 EVM- Earned Value Management This Module Discusses how you can determine the delay and cost of the project
10 Quality Management The module includes execution of the quality management system by appropriate quality policy and procedures, with continuous process improvement activities conducted throughout the project life cycle.
11 Communication Management It includes the processes required to ensure timely and suitable generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and disposition of project information. Proper and timely communication with stakeholders has a great influence on the project success.
12 Risk Management It includes the processes of conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, response preparation, monitoring and control on a project.
13 Stake Holder Management his module includes the processes essential to develop strategy to manage project stakeholders.



Experience Based Diploma in Project Management 

1 and 2 year Govt Approved Diploma in Project Management on experience base is also Available.




Pmp Trainer Profile                                       03335380170pmp-certification-in-islamabad

Name :                   Rahman Rashid

Education:           BSC Civil Engineer

Institution:          UET Lahore (2000-2004)

Experience:         13 Years (8 Years Pakistan & 5 Years Saudi Arabia)

Main Industry:   Dams & High Rise Buildings

Skills:                     Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Project planning, Auto Cad, Revit, Sketch UP,  Advance Excel, MS Office Expert Level, Reporting


Making of a Good Manager

This certainly is not a question which invites a brief answer. Technical Data used in the field explained in pmp certification in Islamabad.  It is difficult to give a single line definition for a Manager. One who manages a business is a manager. It sounds too generic. What could be the right definition for a manager. It is difficult to say and so is the making of a manager. A manager could not be made in day. No business schools promises a great manager if he or she does a course on management.

A good business school teaches the management theories and tools to it’s students. They also guide them through several case studies in the real industry so as to give them some exposure. But is it enough to make a Good Manager. Not really. So what are the essentials a management graduate shall familiarize himself before getting into the real business. Let us discuss point by point. Some more details of pmp lahore are as under.

Management is all about communication. A minor communication error at any level could ruin an entire project and the outcome will be something which is unexpected. This must be avoided. Familiarize with communication channels and oversee all the communications are routed in the way it is meant to be. communication is a bilateral or rather a multilateral affair. For every output of information you make an input is expected from the other end. So to increase the clarity of communication organizations train their employees to speak same language. Here the language does not mean the mother tongue or the regional dialects. Every organization has its own vocabulary and unique phrasing which is better understood among the employees of that organization. So train your subordinates to communicate at the right time with the right inputs. TSK Training for Skills and Knowledge is the best institute in Rawalpindi Islamabad lahore for Pakistani Students who wants to join Management field after pmp certification in lahore.

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