Computer Courses

computer courses in rawalpindi

computer courses in islamabad

computer courses in rawalpindi

Benefits of computer courses in rawalpindi

  • Improve success rate in job Interview
  • Promotion in Job & Salary Increase

Jobs after certification from computer courses in islamabad

  • After enrolling with us, you can get job as Admin , Accounts and HR with good starting Salary and a great career Ahead.


Duration : 15 Days to 1 Month                      Govt Certification included        Course is Approved

Diploma 1 or 2 Year also available. Click here for more details                    (Separate Fee for Diploma)


Advanced Training of

  1. MS Excel MS Word
  2. MS Power Point
  3. Duties of Admin and HR
  4. Window Installation
  5. Software Installation
  6. Conversion of files in PDF and detailed use of PDF
  7. Writing in Urdu

Functionalities of a computer in short computer courses in islamabad
Any digital computer carries out five functions in gross terms:

  • Takes data as input
  • Stores the data/instructions in its memory and use them when
  • Processes the data and converts it into useful information.
  • Generates the output
  • Controls all the above four steps.

Advantages of computer courses in rawalpindi 

Following list demonstrates the advantages of computers in today’s arena.

High Speed
Computer is a very fast device.

  • It is capable of performing calculation of very large amount of data.
  • The computer has units of speed in microsecond, nanosecond, and even the pico second.
  • It can perform millions of calculations in a few seconds as compared to man who will spend many months for
    doing the same task.


  • In addition to being very fast, computers are very accurate.
  • The calculations are 100% error free.
  • Computers perform all jobs with 100% accuracy provided that correct input has been given.

Storage Capability

  • Memory is a very important characteristic of computers.
  • A computer has much more storage capacity than human beings.
  • It can store large amount of data.
  • It can store any type of data such as images, videos, text, audio and many others.


  • Unlike human beings, a computer is free from monotony, tiredness and lack of concentration.
  • It can work continuously without any error and boredom.
  • It can do repeated work with same speed and accuracy.


  • A computer is a very versatile machine.
  • A computer is very flexible in performing the jobs to be done.
  • This machine can be used to solve the problems related to various fields.
  • At one instance, it may be solving a complex scientific problem and the very next moment it may be playing a
    card game.


  • A computer is a reliable machine.
  • Modern electronic components have long lives.
  • Computers are designed to make maintenance easy.


  • Computer is an automatic machine.
  • Automation means ability to perform the given task automatically.
  • Once a program is given to computer i.e. stored in computer memory, the program and instruction can
    control the program execution without human interaction.

Reduction in Paper Work

  • The use of computers for data processing in an organization leads to reduction in paper work and results in
    speeding up a process.
  • As data in electronic files can be retrieved as and when required, the problem of maintenance of large
    number of paper files gets reduced.

Reduction in Cost

  • Though the initial investment for installing a computer is high but it substantially reduces the cost of each of
    its transaction.